have C code for parallel i/o, pin by pin (for interfacing)

have C code for parallel i/o, pin by pin (for interfacing)

Post by Alex Shr » Sun, 23 Jul 1995 04:00:00

A while ago I posted for help, asking how to control and read from the
individual pins of the parallel port, with the hope of being able to
control some simple circuits, etc, with my computer.

A few people responded, but none offered code to do what I wanted to
do.  Since then, I have answered my own question and have thrown
together some C functions that handle parallel i/o pin by pin.  If
anyone is interested, send email.


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So is there a vdhc1 to 50 scsi cable availalbe - I've only found the
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feasible to buy a 68 pin device just so that I can then use a 68-50
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And is it only me (probably)  but do these vdhc connectors feel flimsy
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