Intel i810

Intel i810

Post by John Ho » Fri, 28 May 1999 04:00:00

        Anyone have a time frame as to when Linux and Xfree86 will begin
supporting this?

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Can anyone explain this one ?

I had to compile with oss support off. If loading soundcore module compile
failed saying "load soundcore ..."

I run SuSE 6.3

socrates:root /opt/vmware >modprobe snd-card-intel8x0

Note: /etc/modules.conf is more recent than /lib/modules/2.2.13/modules.dep
/lib/modules/2.2.13/misc/snd-timer.o: unresolved symbol waitqueue_lock
/lib/modules/2.2.13/misc/snd-timer.o: insmod
/lib/modules/2.2.13/misc/snd-timer.o failed
/lib/modules/2.2.13/misc/snd-timer.o: insmod snd-card-intel8x0 failed  

--- my section of /etc/conf.modules ----

alias char-major-116  snd
options snd  snd_major=116 snd_cards_limit=2
# alias char-major-14  soundcore
## Cards
alias snd-card-0  snd-card-intel8x0.o  

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