RFI: Problems accessing MSDOS FS using ALWAYS IN2000 controller

RFI: Problems accessing MSDOS FS using ALWAYS IN2000 controller

Post by J. Cothe » Fri, 04 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hi again folks--

A quick followup to my previous post.  Larry Doolittle kindly emailed the
following reply:

Quote:>Many people with IN2000's give up and replace it.  It works fine for
>others.  There are a couple of (slightly) incompatible ROM/logic
>revisions of the card, which confuses things.  It tends to work
>best under light load, so that the FIFO never fills up.

Okay, I can groove on this.  I re-word my previous post thusly:

Are there any IN2000 users out there for whom this problem DOES NOT occur,
and if so, could you please post/email your ROM revisions?  This would
be mighty helpful in trying to track down this problem.

The problem:

I can't correctly access files from a DOS fs under Linux due to garbaged reads.
Where the garbage starts varies, but it always occurs on 8k boundaries offset
from the point of "garbage-onset".  I know that the problem began with kernel
v.1.1.60, where the 1024k block size reads were switched to 512b blocks (i.e.,
the problem didn't occur with 1.1.59 and prior kernels).  I believe the problem
is associated with the read-ahead caching system.  However, since I haven't
heard any other complaints on this topic, and I can't believe I'm the only
person using an IN2000 and accessing DOS fs's, I must acknowledge the
possibility that this is something particular to my system.  The controller
works fine in all other respects (i.e., ext2fs operations).


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