Pinnacle PCTV (video capture) does not work

Pinnacle PCTV (video capture) does not work

Post by timeOda » Mon, 16 Sep 2002 01:26:58

I bought a Pinnacle PCTV last week and the tuner doesn't work.  I can get
video from the "composite" source, but the tuner can't find any channels.  
I've tried over 100 combinations of "insmod tuner type=xx" "insmod bttv  
card=xx" options.   The card works under Windows 98, and I also have an ATI
TV-Wonder which does work under Linux.  

I have heard so many reports of the Pinnacle PCTV working under Linux that
I suspect maybe they've changed the card recently and are using different
tuner hardware.


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I just completed building a Linux box for home use.  I moved my
DC10+ video card (zoran chip set) from my PC.  The install of
Redhat 8.0 found the card, the hardware browser sees it and indentifies
the driver as zr36067.  Using modprobe, I made sure the zr36067
module was loaded but lavrec gives the message:

**ERROR: [lavrec] Error opening video-device (/dev/video0): No such device

The device entry exists for /dev/video0 and uses major device number 81.
Everything else loaded up just fine with this install.

I would assume there is something else that needs to be done to connect the
entry in /dev/video0 to the device driver.

/proc/pci shows that it exists.  It happens to be using the same irq as the
builtin sound card although the memory addresses are different.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Thank you for your time

Bob Styma


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