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Use the "hostname" command as in ...

hostname myhostname

If you are on a network, your hostname should be the fully qualified
hostname as in

> Could someone tell me how to change the  hostname of my computer? I'm
> tried of 'localhost' and everytime I try to manually edit any files, I get
> all kinds of errors when I re-boot and I have to wait until sendmail times
> out and other crappy stuff.


1. hostname and hostname -s


I have net-tools 1.54 installed and I am experiencing the following
problem which I presume might be a bug in hostname...

When I boot my RHL 6.2 machine with my ethernet card disconnected I can
run the hostname command which successfully outputs my hostname but when
I run hostname -s the command does not produce the short name as described
in the manual and instead complains about a failed DNS lookup. But if
hostname works then all hostname -s should do is the equivalent of:

hostname | awk 'BEGIN { FS="." }; { print $1 }'

Why can't hostname -s just do that? According to the man page:

       -s, --short
              Display  the short host name. This is the host name
              cut at the first dot.



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