Shared memory in new kernels

Shared memory in new kernels

Post by Vladimir Florinsk » Fri, 11 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Anyone knows what's the deal with shared memory in latest development kernels? I
just upgraded to 2.3.42 and the shared memory is always shown as 0 in



1. Device Driver that will allow access to Kernel memory from shared memory?


I would like to create a device driver that allows me to look at kernel
memory.  Specifically, I want to somehow look at an array that is
created and maintained within kernel memory space.  I need to look at it

from shared memory.  Is there any handy C command that allows you to do
this?  If someone has some code example that would be great!! I would
appreciate any help in this area if you could get me some information.

Rob Morris

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