A challenge!

A challenge!

Post by Mark Trancha » Fri, 09 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Right then, all you experts. Try this!

Many laptops use a workspace saving function, which seems to simply store a
dump of the data currently in memory to the disk, restoring it on next power-up.

Why not use a similar concept to allow `hot OS-swapping'? You could have
a DOS/Win95 image and a Linux image: pressing an appropriate hot-key would
swap one out and the other in. Obviously this is very simplified: each OS's
hardware manipulations would have to be detected and stored, but it sounds
like an ideal solution to all of the `I can't run Win95 under DOSEMU' and
`Is it possible to run Linux under Win95' questions, both of which are
completely out of the question at the moment.



1. James Zepeda... I challenge you! (was Re: The OS flavor challenge!)

: Oh how I love your unbiased opinion.  Just because Microsoft has some
: incredible marketing skills, and a nice face to a really horrid operating
: system, which in many ways is more than MacOS will ever be, doesn't mean
: it "tastes like warm cow piss..".  I just love how you glorify your Linux,
: and make everything else look pale or inedible in comparison.  You realize
: that just about anybody could pick apart any argument you have for Linux,
: and your blind faith in Linux & Linus is nothing more than childliek
: stupidity don't you?

Oh, you stepped into it now, boy-oh!!!


1.)  This was posted to c.o.l.a... my negative views on Windows was
     seen by Linux users, and trollers.  Who the fsck cares what you

2.)  If you think you can out-argue me, then why don't you?  Probably
     because you have seen how stupid I have made so many other NT
     ranters look.

Tell you what, James.  You pick a topic to argue about, and I will
argue.  Your choice... I don't care.  In other words...

I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!  Now, you have to put up or shut up,
because I am crossposting this, so that I can show the others
what a fool you are acting like.
QUOTE:  Some people steppeth, where they should not.

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