Basic Root Disk and Boot disk Question

Basic Root Disk and Boot disk Question

Post by Eric A. Brittai » Wed, 21 Feb 1996 04:00:00


I have two identical systems and I mean identical, how can I make
a boot disk and a root disk from one and use it on the other.

Or should the question be, I have two identical systems, one with
Windows and one with Windows and Linux.  I had to do some tweaking
to get the Linux system working with the SCSI card and the 64bit
video card (including some kernel building).

What is the easiest way to duplicate the Linux system on the system with
windows only?



1. what different between boot disk, root disk and emergency disk???


I'm just work in the academic lab which have 4 Linux servers. The
system administrator is gone whithou any information about how to deal
with the system crash or down.

We need to create some disk ( I mean floppy disk or the cD disk) in
case the system down.

I read the book about the Linux administartor. I'm confused that the
boot disk, root disk and emergency disk. What's they  different?

How can I create a boot disk in case the server is down, then I can
use the boot disk to boot the server.

What kind the disk should I prepare for the Liunx system if the system
is crashing or down?

Thank you very much


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