Windows XP PCs keeps losing my RedHat 8 Samba share

Windows XP PCs keeps losing my RedHat 8 Samba share

Post by Scott Navarr » Thu, 27 Mar 2003 04:05:03

  Hello, I have Samba running on a RedHat 8 server which sits on an old
Windows NT (v3.5?) and Windows XP network.  I also have the Windows PCs set
up to share the laser printer on the server's parallel port thru Samba.
  The problem is that every few days, they are unable to print to the shared
printer.  Then when looking at the workgroup computers from the PC, the
Samba share is gone.  In order to restore printing abaility, the users have
to Add a Network Place and type in the share name (because the client PCs
have never automatically found the Samba server to begin with).  Then they
have to go into a Samba share folder with their password to activate
printing again.
  This is quite a nuisance.  What can be done to prevent this from
happening?  I greatly appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks in advance.

  Scott Navarre
  Precision Analytical Labs


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I got windows XP and Mandrake linux networked with each other.
Lately, I came upon an odd problem.  I save all my downloaded proggys
,music etc in one big folder. It gotten to be 5 gig in size. Lately I
have not been able to write any data to this windows xp share folder
from my linux box. I can read and WRITE /MAKE " NEW FOLDERS ONLY" but
samba refuses to transfer any size file and comes back with a "
insufficient disk space problem " .  Since the share folder is in the
XP machine, and I never had any problems at all before xfering files I
came to the conclusion that it must be either a bug in samba? maybe ?
or a XP share restriction issue.  I checked the share folder
attributes , user, rights etc and all checks well.

I then decided to make a whole new folder and have the same folder
attributes as the one described above. I then tried and sucesfully
transfered a file from linux to windows.  So, according to what I have
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