Serial Port Throughput Too Low?

Serial Port Throughput Too Low?

Post by Eric Paul Pelletie » Fri, 08 Dec 1995 04:00:00

It seems that my serial port on my my LINUX box is running very slowly.
I use kernel 1.2.1.  The problem is apparent whether I am ftp'ing from
the command line with no big processes running or am in X running
netscape 2.0b3.  I have a 14.4 connection, which when run under windows
with Trumpet winsock, gets around 1.8k/sec throughput.

In LINUX, running dip, CSLIP mode, I get around .5 k/sec tops.  My
serial port is a 16550, my cpu is a 386/40 and yes the same
machine/hardware which runs LINUX also runs Windows.  So the phone line
and hardware is not the culprit.

I have correctly set up the port in /etc/rc.d/rc.Serial as a 16550, it
loads correctly, no probs with the  port (except the speed.)

So the question itself is two-fold:
1.  What can I do?  
2.  How can I reliably measure throughput from xwindow?  For example, in
MS-Windows, I have an app that runs in a window and shows a silly graph
of winsock throughput.  Other than that I have to watch the apps
themselves.  In Linux I have no way to determine throughput except to
calculate it myself and watch the reported througputs from the
respective applications.  

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