'sudo' with Shadow password support?

'sudo' with Shadow password support?

Post by Rajib Rash » Sun, 05 Mar 1995 01:14:17


        DOes anyone know where I can find the source/binaries for 'sudo'
with shadows password support? Thanks a lot in advance.


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1. 'ls' doesn't work on net-2 in.ftpd for shadow passwords

Could somebody please point out what I'm doing wrong?  Ever since
I installed linux-0.99.10 and got net-2 working, the ftp daemon
has not allowed connections to my machine.  I found out that it
was because I was using shadow passwords and ftpd couldn't handle
that.  So, when the new net-2 faq came out and said to retrieve
the shadow-enabled programs, I got net2-shadow-bin.tgz and tried

I was finally able to connect, using ftp, to my machine and actually
log in.  But the 'ls' command wouldn't work.  The client and server
programs both thought everything had succeeded, but no listing of
files was produced.  The normal status messages were generated,

200 PORT command successful
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
226 Transfer complete.

but no files were listed.  Ftping to any other machine worked
correctly.  And the 'nlist', 'bin', 'get', 'status', and 'rstatus'
commands all worked correctly when connected to my machine.

So I retrieved the ftpd source (ftpd.c says it's version 5.40 but
vers.c says it's version 5.60) and modified it to use shadow
passwords.  It has the same problem.

Can anybody tell me how to get an ftpd that works with shadow
passwords, either in binary form or the patches to the source?  I'd
really appreciate any help.

Bob Crosson


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