ftp uploads TNT 1.08 Packet Radio terminal

ftp uploads TNT 1.08 Packet Radio terminal

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> Please can you upload this to a more accessible ftp site,
> i just did a traceroute on
> and there is a 30+++ second delay between and your host
> is the link between berlin1.win-ip.dfn.de fast ?? or just very clogged up,

> sunsite is a favorite ftp site, please..
> Thanks barry..


Problems are usually due to service interruptions or unavailability at the
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line problems. Please check the address of your correspondent(s).

  Yours virtually,


1. TNT V0.9 Packet Radio Hostmode Terminal (Ham Radio)

Announcing TNT V0.9 for Linux

TNT - A Hostmode Terminal Program for Packet Radio

Packet Radio is a name for a packet oriented data protocol used
in Ham Radio. It is a special adaption of the X.25 protocol.

TNT does NOT implement this protocol, it needs a TNC (Terminal Node
Controller) with WA8DED Software or The Firmware by NORD><LINK.
TNT uses the hostmode which is implemented in these TNC-Firmwares
(The Firmware is available for all TNC2-clones, AEA PK232 and PK88).

TNT has totally different goals than the existing programs or kernel
extensions (Wampes, NOS, KA9Q, AX25 kernel driver, e.t.c.).
TNT does not use the packet radio connection as an additional network
interface of Linux, it is simply a program to make packet radio connections
with a comfortable user interface (I hope so...).

In release 0.9 many new features were implemented, but still TNT is in the
development phase, the implemented features are quite stable, but new
features are under test and not yet released.

TNT features:
- uses Linux console or termcap entries, runs from remote terminals
- no special kernel requirements, no patches needed
- virtual screens for all connections, for commands and for monitoring
- scrollback buffer on all virtual screens
- logging of received data
- sending of files
- connect text with macros for time, callsign e.t.c.
- fortune cookie sending if someone connects
- remote commands
- remote login to Linux
- redirection of input/output of a connection
- binary file transfer
- logbook
- connect script
- internet socket, use of TNT by a user of a different host
- extended monitor to read other connections on the frequency
- boxlist, help for using BBS's
- NETROM/TheNet header analysis
- heard list
- keyboard macros
- password generation

TNT is available via anonymous ftp from
   quepasa.cs.tu-berlin.de (
in directory
with name
   tntsrc09.tgz (tar-gzip-archive)

This program is a little try to give back to the Linux community what the
Linux community has given to me (bringing back the fun to computing).

Your comments, ideas, code changes, new features are very welcome!

Best 73 from Mark, DL4YBG

(My internet access was down for 2 month, but now it is working again)




PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.

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