How can I mirror two hard drives in two different machines?

How can I mirror two hard drives in two different machines?

Post by Linux_3 » Fri, 31 Aug 2001 18:58:26

Here is my situation,

I am running two identical boxes with the same configuration and
partitions.  I have two nics in each box and I have a cross over cable
between the boxes so that they can talk to each other directly.  These
are mail servers and one is live and the other is backup.  Now the
question.  Two partitions will be constanly be changing, /home and
/var because of the email.  How do I make the primary server write to
both /home and /var on both servers?  I want the data to match on both
servers, in case the primary fails, I can change the IP address of the
backup and continue serving mail.  In essence, how do I mirror these
two partitions to another box?

Thank you



How can I mirror two hard drives in two different machines?

Post by Swif » Fri, 31 Aug 2001 19:05:26

[ Classic example of a server <-> backup with automated correction and some
  sort of balancing... ]

You should take a look at

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I hope this is a proper ng to pose my question, could you please point
me to a better one if otherwise?

I need to run two different recording systems each residing in a
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