Problem in upgrading kernel -- can't boot the system with new 2.4.1 kernel

Problem in upgrading kernel -- can't boot the system with new 2.4.1 kernel

Post by Carfield Yi » Fri, 02 Feb 2001 02:32:49

I have successful make install a new 2.4.1 kernel, but the system can't
boot up with this kernel.

So I go to /boot directory to see what happen, I find the file file belong
to kernel 2.4.1 is and vmlinuz-2.4.1.

About the boot file: vmlinuz is link to vmlinuz-2.4.1, initrd.img is link
to initrd-2.2.17-21mdk.img and is link to, so I think the the reason is two:

1) The system can't use initrd-2.2.17-21mdk.img to boot vmlinuz-2.4.1, but
how can I built initrd-2.4.1.img ??

2) I need to link to, but will it cause the
kernel vmlinuz-2.2.17-21mdksecure and vmlinuz-2.2.17-21mdk can't boot up?


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