Results of search for LINUX soundcard...

Results of search for LINUX soundcard...

Post by Paul Winkl » Wed, 11 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Several months ago, I started shopping for a good-sounding soundcard
to use in Linux. I posted queries in all the places on usenet I could
think of.

My criteria were as follows: I wanted high-quality A/D and D/A
conversion, hardware full duplex, low cost, good Linux support, and I
don't give a damn about midi or onboard synthesizers.

I finally bought a card (Turtle Beach Malibu), so I'm at last
following up on my promise to summarize the results of my research.
Rather than waste space with a LONG crosspost or two to several
newsgroups and a mailing list, I've decided to post the summary only
to comp.os.linux.hardware. So, if you have similar needs and could use
some more information, go there and read the post titled "Quality
soundcard search: Results", and also the post "TB Malibu experience"
if you're curious about how installation went.


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