DIP/SLIP help needed

DIP/SLIP help needed

Post by Paul Sche » Mon, 18 Jul 1994 22:26:04

Hello. I am trying to get a up a dialup SLIP connection to work, but I am
having very little luck and was hoping for some advice from you people.

The way my SLIP connection is setup is; I call a number and give a login
name and password. I am then called back and assigned an IP address.
I have my modem working on the terminal service callback system (I'm
typing this using it now), however I can't get very far with DIP. (I'm using
dip-3.3.7-lilo-3.2, but if you can suggest a better suited DIP I'd be
greatful). The login prceedure should be as follows:
wait for username:
send name
wait for "Phone No:
send my phone number
answer the phone when it rings
wait for prompt
send SLIP
wait for Your IP address is .....

When I run dip interactively, it doesn't echo what is happening on the
serial port, so it is very hard to debug scripts.  I am also a bit worried
that when the first call is terminated, DIP will terminate as well, with
an error saying that the call was killed before the protocol was setup.

As additional information, I could ignore the, "Your IP address is ..." line
and pick up my IP address using bootp, but this is probably a bit more
difficult to accomplish.

So if anyone out there is in a similar callback situation, perhaps you could
give me some advice as to how to get this to work.

Thanks in advance.


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