rpc.nfsd and rpc.mountd won't start from rsh

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[Q2] Stupid but non-FAQ NFS question #2:
Thanks for the help of finding out the rpc.portmap, rpc.mountd, rcp.nfsd.  
Still, after reading the NFS-FAQ, Linux Network Admin Guide, none of these guys
seem to work at all.  I still get the message of RPC fault: program is not
registered.  I guess I really need a cookbook example.

Let's say I have machines A and B which both of them can telnet and ftp to each
other.  In other words, they are properly connected.  Now, this is how I did.
I add three statements at the begninning of the rc.inet2 at machine A:

/bin/mount -t nfs B:/home /mnt

Then, I add /mnt B[rw] at /etc/exports at machine A.
Then, reboot machine A, and it prompts RPC fault: program is not registered.
Can anyone provide me an idiot-proof way of attacking this?  Thanks.
BTW, someone mention "premeter".  What is that?



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