: Looking for X-based pinball game...

: Looking for X-based pinball game...

Post by Chris » Sun, 10 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Is there such beast exist?

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Brest, le mardi 9 octobre

Hi, I don't know anything about games, but I would like to
download sources of a good one in order to have a little
fun between two pieces of work. Here is what I want:
  - a text/ascii or better ncurses based game;
    don't ask me why; I like working in terminal mode ;-)
  - a real-time game
    I looked around this W-E and found that a game called
    "conquest" sounded great; but I compiled it and found it
    isn't fun to play this game when you are alone. Anyway a game
    like "conquest" is what I want.
  - Since I will play alone, I want either a game that you can
    pley alone or a game that you canpley on the net
    (by the way can you play conquest against people on the
Sources shouldn't be too big (1 Mo max would be nice)

Another question (completely separate):
I have no idea if such a game does exist, but are there games
(ncurses ;-) against other people that you can play off-line
(probably turn-based games); I mean that you could when connected
download the state of the game, then think about it off-line,
give orders to your troups or whatever, connect again to the net
and give your orders to the server once a day?

gumlEIhPgCSCC4gUHVb3pREx/vdlGkW5r2P5Z+LuSKcKEhmEWetA | mimencode + bzip2

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