Wordperfect registration keys won't work

Wordperfect registration keys won't work

Post by Bas de Witt » Wed, 06 Jan 1999 04:00:00

>But now I find that the installer demands a registration key to install,

It may have nothing to do with your situation but I read you may have
registration problems if you still have earlier versions of WP on your

Hope you get it to run cause it's great.



1. How to Use Registration Key In WordPerfect 8

In order to use WP8 beyond the alloted 15 days, I have to provide a
registration key to the program.  But damned if it says anywhere how to do it!
There's nothing in the setup menus that seems to pertain to registration keys,
and the program `wplicense' has no obvious registration key options.  I would
really appreciate it if anyone could supply me with the correct instructions!

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