RAID 0 problem Redhat 6.0

RAID 0 problem Redhat 6.0

Post by Mike Iglesi » Sat, 05 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I have a system running Redhat 6.0 that had a RAID 0 disk set on it
(2 disks).  The system is dual boot with windows 95, and I needed to
do something with windows.  After doing the windows stuff, I rebooted
linux and now the RAID 0 will not mount.  When I run raidstart by
hand, I get this:

Feb  4 10:03:33 xx kernel: (read) sda1's sb offset: 2117824 [events: f2d8e687]
Feb  4 10:03:33 xx kernel: md: invalid raid superblock magic on sda1
Feb  4 10:03:33 xx kernel: md: sda1 has invalid sb, not importing!
Feb  4 10:03:33 xx kernel: could not import sda1!
Feb  4 10:03:33 xx kernel: autostart sda1 failed!
Feb  4 10:03:33 xx kernel: huh12?

The raid set is sda1 and sdb1, which are not configured in Windows.  Linux
appears to have shut down normally before I ran Windows.

Is there any hope of getting this raid set back?  There's nothing
critical on the raid, but I'd rather not have to redo what I had before
if I don't have to.  There are no backups, of course.



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