slrn w/slrnpull showing duplicate messages

slrn w/slrnpull showing duplicate messages

Post by Frank Ha » Fri, 26 Nov 1999 04:00:00

>I'm running slrn version 0.9.57 and I keep getting
>duplicate messages shown in the article list.

>I've checked and the duplicates have the same numbers
>so I don't think slrnpull is the problem. Any ideas?

I don't have an answer but you might consider posting
your question to "" if you have
not already done so.  Lots of people that use slrn
read that group and may be able to help.

Frank Hahn

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1. Setting up slrn and slrnpull

I'm trying to setup slrn to use slrnpull to read news with the Debian 2.0
beta.  I copied the slrn.rc_for_slrnpull to /etc/news/slrn.rc and changed
the hostname and username line to reflect my computer like this:

% This is a minimal .slrnrc file for use with slrn when it is used to
% read from an slrnpull spool directory.  Here I assume that the
% SLRNPULL_ROOT directory is /var/spool/slrnpull.
% Note that PULL_SUPPORT must be enabled in slrnfeat.h.

set spool_inn_root              "/var/spool/slrnpull"
set spool_root                  "/var/spool/slrnpull/news"
set spool_nov_root              "/var/spool/slrnpull/news"
set read_active                 1
set use_slrnpull                1

% Don't forget to set these up properly.

set hostname                    ""
username                        "cwv"

My NNTPSERVER variable and my /etc/nntpserver file are both set for my news
server.  However, whenever I try to start slrn, it tries to look for news
at my news server at my ISP.  Since I'm using slrnpull I thought that slrn
wouldn't have to do this or am I wrong?

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