Has anyone tried Vodoo5 or the GeForce2 cards?

Has anyone tried Vodoo5 or the GeForce2 cards?

Post by <jos.. » Wed, 02 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Hello, I am interested in getting a video card to replace my G200+Voodoo2
(sli) combo.

Has anyone worked with Geforce MX cards on an amd 751/756 chipset , and got
it working in Linux ?

I have a GA7IXe ( that's the gigabyte board with 2 isa slots ), bios of F4c
( the latest, I
guess, since I couldn't boot the t-bird with out the bios update )

Sure, any of those cards will work under winxx , but I am not willing to
loose X windows useability. If I have to wait for some time, I will .

The reason I am interested in a new card is because :
1) the new drivers for my v2's are not very good in glide mode. They work
from direct 3D mode, though, and seem to be OK. But I get some bad motion
sickness. A 700mhz t-bird is driving the 2 v2's and certain games do feel
"jerky". I had the same problem on an asus k7m board when the agp wasn't
working properly. a bios flash fixed that one. Here, on my system, what
trashes it is Klingon accademy: turning the view point in 1024x768 induces a
quasy feeling mostly because the view seems to bounce from position to
position. I'm guessing video bottle neck...

Any advice /hints /pointers would be useful.



1. Anyone try using 8-bit Lantastic cards?

Hello -

Has anyone dealt with the old 8-bit Lantastic 2MBs cards with Linux?
Currently, I've got my kid's PC (a 386sx-16) networked to my PC
(a 386DX-25), acting as a file server under DOS. I would really like to
keep Linux up and have a driver (daemon?) interface to the requests from
the PC and give it access to my DOS partitions as I do now. I realize
it would easier to just buy some real Ethernet cards for next to nothing
and NFS mount the drives/partitions from Linux. I was hoping to save a
couple bucks by continuing to use the Lantastic cards which give
adequate performance for my needs.

Anyway - if anyone has ventured into this area or can help me out, please
send me an e-mail - I don't usually read this group...


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