Mandrake security fixes for 2.2.16 kernel?

Mandrake security fixes for 2.2.16 kernel?

Post by Kevi » Sun, 25 Feb 2001 04:27:27

On Feb 8th I got a security upgrade notice from Redhat stating,
in part:

    Three security holes fixed in new kernel....
    Three security holes have been fixed in the kernel....
    All users are strongly recommended to upgrade.

The kernel update moves from 2.2.16 to 2.2.17.  The last kernel
that I can find for Mandrake's 7 series is 2.2.16-9mdk.

Has anyone seen upgrade from Mandrake that I might have missed?

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I am trying to get a clean 2.2.16-1 kernel source so I can do some LRP
development. I have downloaded the kernel-2.2.16-1.i386.srpm from
sourceforge and installed it. Inside of that I have untarred the 2.2.16
clean source. The problem I am having is that applying the patches produces
many errors. I have no idea about which order to apply them in and I think
this is the reason.

Can anyone tell me how to apply all the patches in the SRPM in the correct
order? Is there a shell script or something I am missing?


Erik Myllymaki

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