Kill COREL; Kill COREL; Kill COREL; ...

Kill COREL; Kill COREL; Kill COREL; ...

Post by ajam » Fri, 18 Jan 2002 13:35:58

Okay, maybe I'm out of the loop, but I did not realized until today that
Corel had totally killed development of Corel products for Linux.  And then
I see a photo of Bill Gates shaking the hand of Corel's CEO/President. Umm,
what a surprise! And I'm supposed to assumed that there is no relationship
between this and the $$ that Micro$oft gave to Corel a few months ago.

As far as I'm concerned, Corel died.

I actually bought the last few versions of the WP Suite for Linux and
Windows. But that's it! No more! Either companies stick with Linux or they
can go to hell. Thus, I definitely sponsor people to do the same.


If I ever hear anyone at work proposing to buy anything from Corel, I will
seriously push for anything other than that.

I hope that within the next five years this company goes out of business.
Actually, lets make it happen!




I want to kill a login of mine on the eXceed X-Windows emulator. I've
tried all I can think of and e-mailed my admin (they do nothing!). I'm
concerned that someone could log on to the PC that is running the
eXceed windows login session and mess up my account. I can't get to
the PC and I can't find a pid for the login or shell, but a look at
"who" shows I'm still logged in. Any guru's have a good idea what I
can do? Its getting me down :-(

         -= Daniel P Merriott =-

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