Kernel won't uncompress (_not_ a newbie question)

Kernel won't uncompress (_not_ a newbie question)

Post by Chris Fische » Mon, 11 Aug 1997 04:00:00


Sounds like you are booting from a floppy. Chances are the floppy is showing
signs of wear. Try copying the kernel (from your Linux partition, not from
your floppy) onto a fresh floppy and it should work correctly.


Chris Fischer
Protek Computer Solutions

Carl Wolfe wrote in article ...

Quote:>I've been running Linux on a 100MHz Pentium for the last 18 months, in
>particular using kernel 2.0.27 since January, and have had no trouble at
>all.  Now however, when I attempt to start it up I get no further than

>Loading Linux.....
>Uncompressing Linux.....


1. newbie compiled kernel won't uncompress

When trying to load from diskette appears an error message:
Uncommpressing Linux

Invalid compression format
--System halted

The kernel source ( 1.1.59) in the latest Slackware distribution seemed to
compile fine.
In accordance with instructions in The Linix Bible:
        rdev zImage /dev/sda3
        cp zImage /dev/fd0  # to make a floppy

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