Funai CDROM Fix Found

Funai CDROM Fix Found

Post by Wint » Wed, 06 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Being the owner of a Funai 2x speed drive (model number undetermined), and a
very dirt poor college student, Ive tried my damndest to make the thing work.
And so have others.  I seem to have found at least a temp solution.

Get dosemu- (tsx-11 or the like).  Cmpile (i used emumodule et al).
I have mine hooke dupto the panasonic port of my SB16, so i put the following
into my /etc/dosemu.conf

ports { 0x220 0x221 0x222 0x223 0x224 0x225 0x226 0x227 0x228 0x229 }
ports { 0x22a 0x22b 0x22c 0x22d 0x22e 0x22f 0x230 0x231 0x232 0x233 }

Amazingly, this allows limited use of the FM-chip (in both 2 and 4 OP mode)
on my sb16.  It also opens up 0x230 (where (on the sb16) the cdrom wants to

Run dosemu, configure the config.sys and autoexec.bat for your particular
cdrom driver.  Load them up.  On my system, it allowed access to the drive.

I have seen a couple of problems with it, but nothing serious (a copy *.*
command in one dir on the cd got only half the files, albiet the ones copied
compared ok, under a real dos session).

Good Luck
Mike Burke

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