Use Multiple Device Drivers with loop devices?

Use Multiple Device Drivers with loop devices?

Post by Gu » Mon, 24 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I have a really insane idea, and I wann know if it'd be doable....
At school, we've just gotten about 22 gig worth of 1.2 disks (all are IPI-2
disks connected to sun 4/390s and 3/280s). We'd like to be able to mount it all
(or at least a portion thereof) and one huge disk. What I think may be doable
1) on each disk, create one huge 1.2 gig file (a disk image)
2) mount each drive to a linux box w/ support for Multi-Device disks, and
      the loop device
3) using the loop support, mount the 1.2 gig files as disks, then MD them
      into one huge RAID0 drive
4) export that 1 huge drive to other machines, using the linux box as a
      NFS proxy

Does this sound do-able, or is the radiation of unshielded 19" monitors getting
to me?

Justin (Gus) Hurwitz


1. how to create/access multiple-partitions using loop device


I want to create multiple partitions within a file, which
I am going use as a hdd image. I was able to create one
(primary) partition and access it through use of losetup(8),
mount(8) and parted(8). But I am unable to access OR mkfs
the second partition I created on the file.

Pl. let me know how do I access (mkfs/ [u]mount/ rd-wr) other
partitions on the file. The only option losetup(8) gives is
` -o <offset>` and there no minor numbers for partitions.
(MAJOR,MINOR for block device /dev/loop0 is 7,0...
/dev/loop1 is 7,1 ...and so on)

Offset calculation AFAIK is (bytes per sect * sects per cylinder),
but I don't know how to calculate for second primary part OR
logical extended parts...

thanks & regards,

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