Problem with CD-ROM

Problem with CD-ROM

Post by Franz Dom » Mon, 19 May 1997 04:00:00


I've encountered a serious problem with my Linux server. I use the
Linux server as a CD-ROM server with an NCR-MBR 7 attached to an
Adaptec 2940.

The problem is, that some CD-ROM's are not read correctly and only
some files are shown. The problem exists actually with two CD-ROM's.
One  ist the MS Backoffice Resource Kit CD, the other is a CD from

When I put these CD's in an IDE-drive (on the same server), all files
are shown correctly. The only interesting thing is, that inodes for
files not shown in the NCR drive are very large (e.g. 666794052)
whereas all other files have much smaller inodes (e.g. 331776).

Does anybody has any hints how to resolve this problem ??

Best regards


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