Sendmail problems in replying

Sendmail problems in replying

Post by Karsten Johanss » Fri, 24 Jun 1994 02:50:38

I have a really weird problem.  Sendmail seems to be working fine for me,
and I can post news and write mail without a hitch.  But, if I try to
_reply_ to a message, or follow up on an already existing piece of news, it
is not sent.

The mail problem is consistent using mail, elm, or pine.  The news problem,
likewise, with the various news readers I have.  So I suspect that the
problem is in sendmail.

Whenever this problem occurs, this message (well, a similar message) is
generated in /usr/spool/smail/log/logfile:

(ERR_170) router uucp_neighbors: read error in output from /usr/bin/uuname'

BTW:  uuname seems to be working properly.  If I type /usr/bin/uuname, I get
the reply:  uunorth.  Which is exactly what I should be seeing, right?
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1. KNEWS -> reply by mail -> sendmail problem (HELP)

When I try to repond by e-mail to someones post (using Knews newsreader)
I get an error message saying "/usr/lib/sendmail -t didn't accept it".

I connect to the internet via an ISP/ppp connection.  I recently
upgraded (complete rebuild) my system from Slackware 3.0 CDROM but
prior to doing this I had no problem sending mail with Knews.  I
tryed mailing myself something (e.g. from my home to 'me' at my
ISP) and the mail was sent; I checked that it did by using popclient
to retrieve it.  But, maybe it's just a problem sending mail to
someone outside of my ISP ???  Anyway, if anyone has any ideas I
would appreciate some help.  I dug into the sendmail documention
many months ago after my very first install of Linux and remember it
being difficult to understand; I'm in the process of digging in again
but in the meantime I thought I would post since I doubt I will be
able to figure it out reading the sendmail docs.

Thanks in advance -

Jim Champion

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