Help: please contact me email if you have Xfree running with Viper

Help: please contact me email if you have Xfree running with Viper

Post by R S Rodge » Thu, 03 Mar 1994 09:37:00

        Trying to set up the mono server from slackware for Viper 1.00 BIOS
        A$ board Nec 3gfx monitor.  Please cc: to email.

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1. Viper VLB XFree Hell. Please Help!!

I'm currently running a Diamond VLB board in a Pentium clone.
When I configure XFree with the new P9000 driver, the driver
probes and sees the "VLB" based board as a "PCI" board and subsequently
asks for a base address (which a PCI based system uses but not a VLB).
Understand it is not asking for the memory address but the port? address
of the card. The memory is set to 0x80000000 (whatever!).

I believe the problem is the ROM on the Viper card. It is version 3.09.
A probe of the BIOS shows the header with both DIAMND VIPER VLB 3.09 and
DIAMOND VIPER PCI 3.09. I assume the P9000 driver sees the PCI portion
and thinks the card is a PCI card although it is in fact a VLB card.

Has anyone seen this problem or know of a fix?? We're soooo close.

        - Thanks
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