Is ndbm available for linux?

Is ndbm available for linux?

Post by Ken Mcdona » Sun, 06 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Is ndbm available for linux?  I want to use Perl 5's NDBM_File package,
but since I don't have ndbm on my system, can't (obviously).  I can
find gdbm on, but no ndbm.  Can anyone help?

I try to monitor this group but often fall behind, so email would
be appreciated . . .

Ken McDonald


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Can someone help me resolve this issue.  I don't know why I am getting the
message "Sorry - PPP is not available on this system" after I issue the 'pppd'

I am running kernel 1.3.83 and it appeared that I compiled 2.2.0e successfully.

And yes, I am relatively sure that I enabled PPP support in the kernel make
config question.....I'm hoping I don't have to recompile this kernel since I
already tried to re-compile it but got make errors.  If I do need to
re-compile the kernel I will have to post the actual error and warning

Also, I'm contemplating in downloading a newer kernel version
and recompiling it....the rational for this is that when I compiled 1.3.83
for the first time it worked successfully. Anybody know why this is so???

Thanks for your assistance!!!!!!

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