Cross ref tool for shell scripts?

Cross ref tool for shell scripts?

Post by Arne Schirmach » Sat, 11 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have to maintain tons of shell scripts. They are in poor condition,
not well documented, different from what's put under sccs...

Are tools available that produce cross reference listings from shell
scripts? Or which are useful in other aspects to a shell programmer?

What I really need is a source level de* and a sh compiler ...

Any hints are appreciated.

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Ok, there exist tools, both free and commercial, to produce
cross-reference database from c code (cxref and Cygnus' Source
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Now the question is, how to produce such database from object modules,
without looking at the code. Sure this should be possible in principle.  
I have looked at nm, objdump, even bfd library, but so far I cannot
figure out how to do that.  

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