GUS trouble under Linux

GUS trouble under Linux

Post by C. Montgome » Sun, 28 May 1995 04:00:00


I finally outgrew my little Soundblaster16 Basic, and the 16 bit DMA on my
motherboard is flaky (at best) to begin with.  So, purchased a GUS MAX, and set
it up to use 8 bit DMA, thus making my machine happy.

I've got troubles though, and they seem to be the kind due only to lack of
enlightenment.  Perhaps some kind soul can help.

First off; I have no access to the GUS's internal mixer, other than DSP and FM
volume.  I'm using xmix, and it does not give me access to balance, CD-ROM,
line-in, etc.  I read the GUS MAX driver source in the kernal, and these features
do seem to be supported by the kernel.  Do I simply need a different mixer app?
If so, which one?  Also, I have a SCSI CDROM, but I piped the audio out into the
GUS's CDROM line in.  That shouldn't cause a problem, but I can't get any sound
when the SCSI drive plays an audio CD.

Also, I have sample/playback problem with the GUS which sounds more like a Linux
problem; For the first 15s or so of sample/playback, the right channel is
garbled.  After the first part, sample/playback is flawless, even when the
system/disk is under heavy load (this is not a throughput problem).  Am I missing
a kernel patch or option?

I'm also sending a cry for help to Hannu; author of VoxWare (the kernel sources
that support the GUS under Linux).

Any help is appreciated,



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Thank you

Daniel Marks

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