Problems with Linux installation

Problems with Linux installation

Post by Stefano Gragnan » Mon, 21 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I have not experience with Linux (is the first time that I want to use it!)
and my problem is that the Linux fdisk is not able to see the hard disk and
therefore is not possible to create the necessary native Linux partitions.

My hardware configurations is the following:

Pentium PRO 200 MHz with 128 MB RAM
Motherboard INTEL VS440FX
SCSI disk: 1 QUANTUM Fireball 2GB and 1 QUANTUM Empire 1 GB
Video Card MATROX Millenium 4 MB WRAM / Monitor SONY Multiscan 17sf II
Ethernet card Realtek RTL8029 PCI Adapter (Novell 2000 compatible).

In the 2 GB SCSI disk there is a 200 MHz partition with the DOS and a 1.8
GB partition with Windows NT 4.0 Server. The 1 GB SCSI disk is empty
(formatted as FAT file system) and I want dedicated it to Linux.

The distribution that I used is the Slackware 3.0 (from a CD-ROM dated
Winter 1996, I have other two CD-ROM with analogues distributions but the
problem is the same).

To create the boot disk I have use the IDECD file (but I have used also
SCSI, MITSUMI and other ...). If I have read well the IDECD file is for
SCSI harddrive and IDE CD-ROM. For the root disk I have used COLOR144 file
(but I have also proved the UMSDS144 file ...). In each case when at the
Linux prompt I typed fdsik /dev/sdb for partitioning the 1 GB SCSI disk the
result is: "Unable of open /dev/sdb" and this is true also if I change
/dev/sdb with /dev/sda (sda is the 2 GB disk: under DOS the 2 GB is the C:
disk, the 1 GB is the D: disk and the drive E: is the CD-ROM disk).

Furthermore at the prompt "boot:" I must enter "mount root=/dev/fd0" like
if the RAM is lower of 4 MB but in my system there are 128 MB of RAM!!!

If anyone know how I can install Linux, please email me.

Stefano Gragnani

.... sorry for my english.


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