linux installation problem with Xwindows

linux installation problem with Xwindows

Post by sourir » Tue, 02 May 2000 04:00:00

I followed the normal procedures in installing
the Xwindows systems but when I entered into the Xwindow desktop (Gnome or
KDE) all
the words on the screen are simply blacked out.Let me be specific: there
seems to be
a blackbox masking wherever the words and the messages appear.Things are
just there
but they just do not display correctly.I think something related to the
function may have gone wrong (may be font?).
I do not think this problem is due to a bad cd-rom because I tried two
copies of Redhat and the problem still remains. My installing procedures
correct, I think.
I can hardly do anything if I cannot read the messages on the screen so
please give
me your advice.

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1. Xwindows installation problem

Hi Everyone,

I'm having a problem trying to get the Xwindows working on my system.
 I selected the package when installing Linux and the installation
program found my video card, an Ati Mach64 with 2 megs ram. The
monitor that I'm using is a Fujikama PVGA-1024, I couldn't find it in
the listing so I've selected generic as my monitor type.
 Every time that I type "startx" I see text scroll up the screen and
then the screen blanks and the system locks up.  The only way that I
can get out of this once that happens is to shut off the computer and
then turn it back on.
Being new to the Linux environment I'm not sure where to start
looking for the problem.  If someone could help me out getting this
up and running I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for your time

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