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We are the International Literary Agency of New York. We also have 2
other branches, one in the Lake George region of New York and the
other in Marco Island, Florida, consequently we are able to accept new
clients. Please adhere strictly to the following guidelines for submission
of all fiction & nonfiction.
Fiction: Brief synopsis, first chapter, self-addressed, stamped envelope (S.A.S.E.)
Nonfiction: Brief synopsis, first chapter, S.A.S.E.
Screenplays: (for TV & Movies) Brief synopsis, first 20 pages, S.A.S.E.
Short Stories: Brief synopsis, first 3 pages, S.A.S.E.
Poetry: Send in 3 of your best poems only, S.A.S.E.

Woodside International Literary Agency
1190 North Collier Blvd.
Marco Island, Florida  34145
(941) 642-9660

Please do not send in complete manuscript unless invited.


1. writers=seeking=publication

We are a New York based international literary agency with two branch offices, one of
which is in* Florida. We are seeking new and> previously published authors, so please
adhere to the >following-- guidelines.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

All fiction: send brief <synopsis, first chapter, and include a self addressed, stamped
envelope (SASE).
All nonfiction: brief synopsis, first chapter, SASE.>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Short-Stories: brief synopsis, 3 pages, SASE.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Poetry: send 3 poems, SASE.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Please do not send complete manuscript unless we ask for it.

<<Send to: Woodside International Literary Agency>>
=33-29 58 Street>>>>>>>>//
=Woodside, New York>>>>>>>>//
=Phone (main office):

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