Kernel 2.4.14 bug(let), and kernel compilation error

Kernel 2.4.14 bug(let), and kernel compilation error

Post by Stewart Honsberg » Wed, 21 Nov 2001 10:11:37

>I'll be booting to 2.4.15-pre6 to see if that fixes any of the problems (I
>know the loop.o problem was fixed shortly after 2.4.14's release) and post
>a follow-up if anything's changed.

For some reason, upgrading procps from version 1.0.6 to 1.0.7 solved the
problem. I can now run both ps and top without fail.

Did the VM change in 2.4.10 have anything to do with this?

Still puzzled ...



1. Kernel compilation failed 2.4.14

This is a known bug.

The following patch fixes it:

--- linux-2.4.14-broken/drivers/block/loop.c    Thu Oct 25 13:58:34 2001

                pos += size;
-               deactivate_page(page);

-       deactivate_page(page);
        return -1;



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