Any Problems with TMC Triton Board

Any Problems with TMC Triton Board

Post by Roger Cle » Wed, 23 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I have noticed that MANY of the lower priced vendors are selling
motherboards made by a company called TMC.  In particular, I am
interested in any problems that people may have had using the triton
motherboard (sold by Zenon, Comtrade(if you ask ;$) etc).  Zenon
was using a "Super" motherboard previously, which I have been able
to find is apparently a decent motherboard (at least for MSDOG and
WINDOZE).  I have heard MANY complaints about TMC's opti based
motherboard.  Is their Triton board also broken?
Thanks in advance


1. rtl8139 + Triton Board w/ P75 Problem


I bought two 100 MBit PCI ethernet cards with Realtek 8139
Chipset (from LevelOne) to
connect my two PC's with a 3 metre crossconnect cable. Both
machines have been freshly installed with Red Hat 6.1.

PC 1 is P120, Intel 430 VX, 32 MB, approx. 2 y old
PC 2 is P75, Triton Chipset, 32 MB, approx. 4 y old

Whenever I transfer larger amounts of data between the two
machines, the network of PC 2 stops working. The sequence
ifconfig eth0 down; ifconfig eth0 up; brings everything back
to normal.

I have read almost all newes articles concerning rtl8139 and
I have tried kernel versions 2.0.35, 2.2.12 and 2.2.13 with
rtl8139.c version 1.07, 1.08 and 1.08r, but to no avail.

It makes no difference which of the two machines is client
and which is server, it is always PC 2 which stops working.

May this be related to the Triton chipset or the speed of PC
2? I am running out of ideas? Are there any BIOS settings
which might help? May be I should try 10Mbit for PC 2, but
how do I do this?

Any help is highly appreciated.


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