Dumb IPX/Novell Netware Query

Dumb IPX/Novell Netware Query

Post by Patrick Giagnocav » Thu, 13 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hi all!

I have a dumb question....

I noticed some info about IPX configuration support in the Linux

Basically, what I would like to know would be, how well is IPX
supported for Linux?  Can I actually connect to a Netware server,
and do useful things?  Or, am I totally wrong about this?


Patrick Giagnocavo


1. Grabbing passwords in a IPX Network, security flaws in Novell Netware

Hi Guys!

My Linux box is connected to a network running IPX and TCP/IP. I'm looking
for a utility that listens to a network interface and that grabs IPX
Packages. What I want to do, is to get some passwords when somebody logs
into the Novell Server. I believe that my network interface is able to grab
all Ethernet-frames because we don't use a switching Hub. Can you give me
some piece of advice ?

Does somebody know something about security flaws in Novell Netware ?

I'm sorry if this is the wrong newsgroup to ask about this, but I haven't
found the right one.


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