TLI/Socket libraries

TLI/Socket libraries

Post by Geoff Franci » Tue, 02 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know whether or not TLI ( transport layer interface )
libraries are available for linux. Perhaps the socket interface is
available if TLI isnt

e.g Functions for :




The Open University
Milton Keynes


1. TLI vs socket libraries.

Hi folks, I've got a question regarding efficiency.  I do quite a bit of
multiplexing programming, and use the socket library quite often (socket(),
select(), and friends).  Recently I've come across a suite of functions known
collectively as TLI(t_open, t_close, etc), which seem to virtually mirror
the socket library.  I've played with it a little and I'm starting to get
comfortable with it, but my question is which is more effiect, the TLI library
or the socket library, and WHY is one more efficient than the other.  In case
it is system dependant, I happen to be on a Sparc station running SunOS4.1.1.
Any responses are appreciated.

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