Device driver for Mitsumi Triple Speed ATAPI IDE CD-ROM drive?

Device driver for Mitsumi Triple Speed ATAPI IDE CD-ROM drive?

Post by Edward Bet » Thu, 24 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone know where I could get a device driver for the Mitsumi Triple Speed
ATAPI IDE CD-ROM drive to use with Linux.

Please E-mail replies as I am having problems with my news reader

Thanks in advance


1. Mitsumi ATAPI triple speed CD-ROM

I got my triple speed mitsumi finally working.
Here what i did:

1) system : DX2/66 AMD, VLB, 16MB, CL5428, 2xConnor 420MB, FX300 ATAPI Mitsumi CD-ROM

2) - I got kernel 1.1.70, patch71, ide-3.0.patch.71+.gz from sunsite in
   - I patched the kernel with patch71 and then the ide patch.
   - Icompiled it with the nec260 option enabled in the ide section,
     without the (normal) mitsumi driver in the cdrom section.
   - It did not make a autodetect while booting, so i tried
     when LILO shows up:
   - LILO hdc=cdrom
   - Now it recognized the second ide adapter on irq15
   - my Mitsumi was now on /dev/hdd (??????? don't know why not on /dev/hdc )
   - i could mount it with: mount /dev/hdd /CD -t iso9660 -o ro,block=2048
   - everything works fine

Good luck


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