up-to-date Voxware docs?

up-to-date Voxware docs?

Post by Hannu Savolain » Sun, 12 Feb 1995 04:35:42

>What's the latest release of the VoxWare programmer's guide?  I've
>got a copy of the guide for VoxWare 2.4, but it's lacking a few
>sections - what I want in particular is some documentation on
>programming /dev/sequencer for MIDI output (mainly in conjuction
>with a Gravis Ultrasound).

Nothing yet. I have not continued writing the Hacker's Guide since the
/dev/sequencer of v3.0 will be little bit different than in 2.x. I will
write the missing specs after the v3.0 is out (within weeks or months).

Hannu Savolainen

"Hackers don't use factory prebooted DOS."