pppd gets SIGHUP during ftp

pppd gets SIGHUP during ftp

Post by Mark Muell » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00


ppp keeps disconnecting on me while I'm doing ftp.  I can do a telnet
or lynx session for hours without a problem, but ftp or ncftp will
disconnect within a minute or so, and /var/messages says that pppd
received SIGHUP.

Any idea what can be done about this?



1. PPPD not getting SIGHUP using mgetty+sendfax

Hi - I have configured and successfully run mgetty+sendfax and have
set up incoming PPP connections using pppd 2.1.2d.  However, one
problem remains: pppd doesn't get a SIGHUP when the remote flushes the
connection abruptly.  I've tried various stty hax, but no joy.  Any
ideas out there?

I'm about to head to the Gila for four days, but will summarize if
there's interest upon my return.

Thanx in advance!

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