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Hi folks,

This is the first official release of GNU gettext.  This package is
meant for authors and maintainers who want to internationalize their
packages.  One step is native language support in the messages the
program prints.  GNU gettext provides the needed library and tool
support to enable the programmers to extend their programs and maintain
the message catalogs.

It's can be gotten via anonymous ftp from
from the sites listed at the end.

The library code itself will be used in many GNU packages.  So
installing this package and reporting possible problems will also help
to prevent error in other packages.

Beside the library GNU gettext contains programs to maintain message
catalogs and produce the needed binary representation.  Among the
maintenance tools is the Emacs PO mode, written by Fran=E7ois Pinard.
This mode helps the translators to handle with the translation files.

For further information consult the `README' file.  The `NLS' file
gives information about the current state of the internationalization
effort inside the GNU project.  `INSTALL' contains the usual information=

about installation.

In case you find a bug or have problems installing the package send a
report to

In the first time now new version might be available high high
frequency.  This is for one that we could not test it on many systems
and for second that the manual is not complete now.

If you want to use GNU gettext to internationalize your own project
I would suggest that you contact me in advance.  I also could keep
you close informed about changes.

I want to thanks all those unselfish people helping me to develop
this software.  A list can be found in the `THANKS' file.  In case that
I omitted somebody I beg you not to belief it is intended.  Write me
to included you in future version.

-- Uli
\      / Ulrich Drepper / Univ. at Karlsruhe, Germany / CS Dept. / IPD

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