Where have all the X Screen Savers gone?

Where have all the X Screen Savers gone?

Post by Troy Dale » Wed, 15 Jul 1998 04:00:00


I have had Red Hat 5.0 up and running for a week now.  I am having a few
slight problems in X that I am concerned might grow into something more

1.  I was able to use the screen savers until today... Now when I click on
the "Lock Screen / Screensaver" option in the menu it does not bring the
screensaver up at all.  Although there is some disk activity that I can
hear.  Also, it I dig into /etc/usr/X11R6/bin then I can run the
from the prompt so there's nothing wrong with the screensavers themselves
and I know there on there because I used them all a couple days ago!  I did
not change anything in any config files or anything.  It is the same for
users on the machine.  Any help would be extremely appreciated.

2. I think this is related to the first problem.  Some games do not work
either.  I click on them and they never come up: like eight ball snooker
many others.  However, some do like Xbill, Xpilot etc.  They should be on
there, I installed everything on the disk and there's plenty of room left.
I was thinking it was a display problem but then again, what do I know??

Thanks very much for helping.

The man w/o screensavers,

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Any ideas why after XX minutes, my monitor doesn't go to sleep (power
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I am using RedHat Linux v7.1, Pentium II 300 Mhz, 128 MB of RAM, an old
Diamond Stealth64 3000 series card (4 MB VRAM), IBM P72 17" monitor,

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