Linux crashes on AMD ELAN400 please help

Linux crashes on AMD ELAN400 please help

Post by Michael Binninge » Tue, 01 Dec 1998 04:00:00

we try to run Linux on AMD ELAN400 Processor. This is a processor with
486 kernel an a lot of hardware on board for embedded use.

The hardware we are using is a smart486pc with 16MB RAM from
digital-logic (

Has anybody seen running Linux on that processor/platform?

The problem: Booting Linux with loadlin leads to a reboot of the whole
system before the filesystem can be mounted. So all the kernelmessages
are lost.  Recording the kernelmessages on screen with a videocamera (I
know its strange method, but it works) shows that the reboot of the
system occures close to the moment where the system trys to probe the
harddisc. But this depends of the selected system speed. Runninng the
system with just 8MHz leads to a earlier crash. (Before the system
probes the harddisc)

We build a new kernel with hardly any hardwaresupport (no IDE, no COMs
etc, everthing possible switched of ) - the same result. ->Reboot.

We have tried to set every possible noprobe parameters with no result.

Linux showes the same behaviour on a other ELAN400 based board but runns
well on a ELAN300!!

Does anybody know something about the differences ELAN300/ELAN400?
Is it possibele to switch of every hardwareprobing at boottime, to reach
at least a "stable" kernel panic?

Every hint is wellcome
Thank you

Michael Binninger

Dipl.-Ing. Michel Binninger; Europaeisches Centrum fuer Mechatronik;
Reutershagweg 4; 52074 Aachen; Germany;

Tel: ++46 241 8864243
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1. LINUX instalation problems, PLEASE HELP !?!Subject: LINUX , instalation problems, PLEASE HELP !?!

I have made an attempt to instal linux on my 486dx2 66 & 1.8 Gb Harddisk & 20 Mb ram memmory
& Nec 5fge monitor & viper 2 MB vram graphic board.

I have read LINUX SCSI HOWTO and LINUX INSTALLATION HOWTO in both papers I could not find a solution.
I am new in the LINUX area and I don't have a clue what to do, so I ask the real prof's if they can help me out.

There is more information available if needed, please contact me.

1st I could go through the startup procedure, system hangs telling me
the following:

Partitiotion check:

sda: sda1 sda2 < sda5 sda6 sda7 sda8 sda9 sda10 sda11 sda12 sda13 sda14 sda15 < 0 > Kernel panic : No device passed to allocate_device().

2th with dos fdisk I created on my second partition space for linux,
that is I changed the last logical drive for free space.

Under DOS I had 2 partitions 1 DOS and 1 EXTENDED :
DOS Partition 1 logical drive 102 MB, named C:
Extended Partition 10 logical drives 102 MB, named D: until M:
Extended Partition 11th logical drive 600 MB, named N:

After the change:
Extended Partition 11th logical drive 350 MB N:
Extended Partition about 250 MB free for LINUX

3th I started the instalation procedure again and now the system was
able to go beyond the error that acured in 1st.

4th I used linux fdisk to create sd16 swapdisk and sd17 linux native
disk and I wrote the information in the partition table and rebooted (stupid
idea I think now).

5th The computer or the installation reacts as in the 1st situation.

6th I tried dos fdisk to correct the problem but dos fdisk can't acces
the partition information anymore.

additional information:

Adaptec AHA-1542 CF BIOS v2.01 SCSI CARD

some information read from the screen while installing LINUX:


Welcome to slackware linux 2.3.0 bootkernel disk!


boot:           (enter to continue)


SCSI : 1 host

        Vendor: QUATUM   Model: PD1800S    Rev: 3162
        Type: Direct Acces      Ansi SCSI Revision: 02
Detected SCSI disk sda at scsi0, id 4, lun 0
scsi Hardware sector size is 512 bytes on device sda

Memory: etc. etc.


Checking 'hlt' instructions ok.

Partition Check :

sda: sda1 sda2 < sda5 sda6 sda7 sda8 sda9 sda10 sda11 sda12 sda13 sda14 sda15 < 0 > Kernel panic : No device passed to

After this the system hangs, I can use DOS drives c: until n:, I cannot use DOS FDISK.

I hope that I don't have to reformat my harddisk to solve the problem

Who can help me making DOS FDISK working again or to instal LINUX in the correct way ?

please HELP !!!

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