Adaptec 294x support?

Adaptec 294x support?

Post by Donald R Llo » Tue, 13 Sep 1994 00:16:15

I'm hoping to install Linux on a drive connected to an Adaptec
2940 series SCSI-2 controller (Adaptec's PCI SCSI controller), but
there doesn't seem to be support for it anywhere yet.  I've tried the
pre-alpha 2842 boot disk, but it doesn't recognize the 2942.

Is there a driver for this controller, or is anyone working on
one?  I'd really hate to have to move my nice fast SCSI-2 drive over
to the 1520 controller on my SB16...

While I'm at it, what are my chances of finding video drivers to run
X on my VLB Stealth 24?


Stuck using a PC, but still an Amiga guy at heart...


1. Adaptec 294X and Slackware 3.5

I'm trying to install Slackware 3.5 on a new machine I put together
with friends. My problem is the Linux install CD, when booting, fails
to see my hard drive. I also get a message which I detail below.

I have an Adaptec 294X Ultra SCSI host adapter.

The SCSI setup, just after the memory check, can see my CD-ROM, and
hard drive without any problem. Can also run a surface check on the
hard drive. So I think my machine is setup OK.

When booting from the CD rom, I get the following:-

Failed initialization of WD-7000 SCSI card!
EATA0: address 0xe410 in use, skipping probe
AHA-294X Ultra SCSI host adapter.
scsi: 1 host
scsi:0:0:-1:-1 scanning channel for devices
scsi:detected total.   [note there is no number here]
Partition check
RAMDISK compressed image found at block 0
scsi0:-1:-1:-1 Bad scbptr 255 during SELTO
scsi0:-1:-1:-1 Referenced SCB 255 not valid during SELTO
SCSISEQ=0x12 SEQADDR = 0x09 SSTAT0: 0x15 SSTAT1: 0x88

Then after logging on as root and trying to partition my drive, cfdisk
gives the following message:-


I'm not really sure what's going on or how to fix it. I saw an earlier
post where someone said to turn off "Delayed Transaction" in the BIOS.
Mine is already disabled.

Any advice appreciated.

Also, it the first line above about failing to initialise a WD-7000
SCSI card a problem? I don't have one of those. What about "skipping



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