Linux for a Portable Dell

Linux for a Portable Dell

Post by Angel Beld » Wed, 07 Feb 2001 00:46:39

        Do you know if I am going to have any problem to install RedHat 6.2
with XWindow support.



Linux for a Portable Dell

Post by Armond Perrett » Tue, 06 Feb 2001 18:25:55

>         Do you know if I am going to have any problem to install
>         RedHat 6.2
> with XWindow support.

There are a number of sites devoted entirely to this subject.  Do a
"Google" search and report back.


1. Problem installing Linux on Dell Inspiron Portable


My friend has a Dell Inspiron 3200 portable and we tried to install
Linux on it. Here are the specs:

The system:
    - Inspiron 3200
    - 144M RAM
    - DVD (Torison DRD-N216)
    - P-II 266MHz
    - Triton
    - Phoenix Bios 4.0 Release 6.0

The Linux:
    - OpenLinux Caldera 1.2
    - kernel 2.0.33

We tried the install script from Caldera (booted from the CD-ROM). This
worked at first. The install script seemed to be able to correctly identify most
hardware (including the DVD/CD-ROM which we needed of course).

But after a little time installing suddenly the install would freeze. It did not really
stop but it was as if everything was in slowmotion. I switched to another virtual
console and logged on. But everything was slowmotion there as well.

We tried this a few times but everytime with the same result. Finally I booted
again from the install CD-ROM but instead of installing I just logged in as root.
I was planning to copy all files from the CD-ROM to the HD. I mounted the
already formatted ext2 partition and the CD-ROM and started to copy. At first this
seemed to work but then the computer went to slow-motion again. This means
that it is not the install-script that is causing this.

For me it looks as if the processor is going into sleep-mode (very low speed) after
a while. Maybe it doesn't detect that Linux is using the processor. I'm only guessing
here. We went to the BIOS setup but all power saving features were disabled.

So I'm out of clues. Can anyone help us please?



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