Slack 7.1 won't recognize PS2 mouse

Slack 7.1 won't recognize PS2 mouse

Post by Michae » Sat, 02 Dec 2000 09:49:08

Quote:> This is my first attempt at installing Slackware. A problem I can't
> seem to get past is that the PS2 mouse is not being recognized by
> either gpm or XFree86. Error message from gpm says that there is
> no /dev/mouse device.  (The symbolic link from /dev/mouse to
> /dev/psaux is in place.)

> The mouse works fine from Windoze and DOS.  System hardware is a Biostar
> 486 PCI motherboard with AMD 486/133 CPU, using a UMC chipset for the
> onboard I/O ports. I've also tried building a new (2.2.17) kernel, making
> certain that PS2 mouse support is compiled in, still no joy.  Any ideas
> on getting this thing working will be much appreciated...

Not sure how relevant this may be, however check the /dev/mouse *is*
/dev/mouse  as opposed to /dev/Mouse, or some other caps arrangements.




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