necessary groups in /etc/group, and necessary users in /usr/passwd

necessary groups in /etc/group, and necessary users in /usr/passwd

Post by Terr » Sun, 16 Aug 1998 04:00:00

which groups are necessary in /etc/group ?
i want to blow away all ones that don't have to be there.
the only ones i use and can see on the filesystems and who own processes

root   - the root of all evil
daemon  - system daemon processes
nobody  - apache, for example
ftp  - used in the /incoming directory, although i think nobody ought to
replace it

and some specific ones, i.e. postgres, and individual human user
the useless ones, in my uninformed opinion, are:

bin, sys, adm, tty, disk, mem, kmem, wheel, mail, news, man, cron,
console, nogroup

but i don't want to blow away the groups that are required by the kernel
and the base system to run!! (of course, right?) this discussion easily
lends itself to a parallel in /usr/passwd, so which ones there can i
safely nuke? i'm using stampede linux, if it matters!

sys. adm.

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